NameAlexander CALDWELL 723
Death MemoDied young
Cause of DeathDrowned in the Susquehanna River
Misc. Notes
No family is more prominently identified with the early history and later development of Pike township than the Caldwell family. Being of Scotch-Irish ancestry, they fulfilled the well-known prerogative of that race by soon becoming leaders in both church and political affairs.

The first record we have of the Caldwells is when three Scotch lads, Hugh, Matthew and Alexander Caldwell left their native land and emigrated to the colonies some years preceding the Revolutionary War.

When that momentous struggle for liberty began Hugh and Matthew Caldwell joined the patriotic army under Washington. Matthew was killed in the disastrous battle of Long Island. Hugh escaped and fought on during the war, being again with Washington’s army at the battle of Germantown and Brandywine. Alexander was drowned in the Susquehanna river, leaving Hugh the sole survivor.3830
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